For specific advice on travelling on our buses during the Coronavirus pandemic, click here


Catching the Bus
Customers are requested to arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is due and give a clear hand signal to the driver to stop the bus. Nearly all the stops we serve are "request stops", so you must signal or the bus might not stop. If there is already a bus in front of the one you are waiting for, please go to the end of the bus and signal clearly. Do not walk to the front of the bus, as the driver may not see you and might not stop. 

In rural areas and where there are no bus stops (Hail & Ride) drivers will stop where it is safe to do so. 

Have the Correct Change
Drivers at the start of the day have a very limited amount of change available to them, so having the exact fare or change is helpful and speeds up boarding time. If the driver has insufficient change he may issue a change voucher. 

Retain Your Ticket
Centrebus deploy inspectors in all areas. so please remember to take and retain your ticket throughout your journey. A standard (penalty) fare of £10 applies if you do not have a valid ticket when travelling.

Leaving the Bus 
Remember that the driver will only allow you to alight at designated stops except where "Hail and Ride" is understood, in which case the driver will stop where it is safe to do so. When you wish to get off the bus please press the bell, situated throughout the vehicle, and give the driver enough time to slow down and come to a safe stop. Please remain seated whilst this happens.

Please see the links below for all your travel advice in detail: