Macclesfield Zone Ticket

The NEW Macclesfield Zonal Weekly ticket is available from Monday 6th November and is valid on High Peak and D&G services within the Macclesfield Zone!

This ticket will give you unlimited travel for 7 Days and is only valid for journeys within the Macclesfield zone.

Boundary points are: Bollington, Forest Cottage, Gawsworth, Henbury, Hurdsfield (George & Dragon), Prestbury and Weston.

Valid on the following High Peak services:

  • 14/A - Whole Route
  • 58 - Macclesfield Bus Station to Forest Cottage
  • 60/A - Macclesfield Bus Station to Kerridge Road junction. 

Valid on the following D&G services:

  • 10 - Whole Route.
  • 19 - Whole Route.
  • 38 - Macclesfield to Gawsworth & Weston.
  • 3 - Whole Route.
  • 130 - Macclesfield to Monks Heath & Henbury. 
  • 88 - Macclesfield to Monks Heath & Henbury. 


You can purchase this ticket on the High Peak App or on bus with the driver using Cash or Contactless Pay.