Derbyshire B-Line £1.50 Fare Cap

Derbyshire's b_line discount travel card
From 1 November 2023 get £1.50 max single fares on buses in, to and from Derbyshire (including Derby City) with b_line.

b_line is Derbyshire County Council's cut-price travel discount and library card for young people aged 11 up to 19. It's for young people in school, college, on training courses or in an apprenticeship providing they live in Derbyshire. Now is the perfect time to apply to start saving and travel sustainably. b_line cards are free unless you need a replacement for a lost or damaged card. Replacement cards are £5.


There are 2 types of b_line card:

  • Orange b_line1 card for 11 year-olds (in secondary school) up to your 16th birthday.
  • a purple b_line2 card for 16-year-olds up to 19th birthday.


Using b_line for travel
Your b_line card gives you £1.50 max single fares on local buses (except Trentbarton servicesbut we will soon be launching a way to use b_line on Mango so watch this space and apply now to be ready for this launch) throughout Derbyshire and to some nearby towns and cities as long as the journey is direct and starts or finishes in Derbyshire. On Trentbarton services you can use your b_line card as proof of age when you buy their 'young person' ticket for now.

If you've got a b_line1 card you can use it to prove that you qualify for a £1.50 max single fare or the bus or train company's own discounted ticket.

With a b_line2 card you can get the £1.50 max single fare as well as some saver tickets.

Make sure you get the best deal by asking the driver.


How to get a b_line card
b_line cards are no longer issued automatically. If you want a card you must apply online. You can also request a replacement card. Before you start your application please read the instructions at the top of the form to make sure you have everything you need to make your application.

Apply for a b_line card