Get around for £2!

GREAT NEWS! The Scheme has been extended to December 2024, and Centrebus will continue to be part of the Scheme. 

The Government launched a new scheme to help families, commuters and other passengers save money last year, with a £2 Single Fare cap across England. 

This scheme forms part of the Government's Help for Households campaign, as the new cap can deliver real savings for those most affected by the rising cost of living. 

Passengers are encouraged to Get Around for £2 by bus from 1st January 2023 to 31st December 2024. Whether you’re heading to work or popping into town, a single bus journey will cost no more than £2.

Ready to travel? You can buy your £2 single ticket on board with cash or your contactless card or mobile device. Day, Week and Month tickets will still be available to purchase on the bus or via the Centrebus App, but it may be cheaper to purchase a £2 single each time you travel, for the duration of the scheme. 


Where can I use the £2 fare?

The £2 fare is available in England, outside of London. 

My ticket costs less than £2 already, will I pay more?

If your journey already costs less than £2, this will remain unchanged and you will pay the lower fare. 

I normally buy a Week or Month ticket, will this be capped?

No, the Government scheme is against Single Fares only. Week and Month tickets will still be available, but you will need to compare costs, as it may be cheaper to buy a £2 single fare each time you travel, depending on how many trips you make. 

Is there any High Peak Service not included in the £2 fare?

No, all High Peak services will be included. 

Where can I find more support to save money this winter?

The bus fare cap is a Government funded scheme to help everyone during the cost of living crisis. You can also find out about other Government support to help you save money this winter - just search 'Help for Households' or click here