Our delay compensation policy is designed to be an efficient way to get a refund if your journey with us is delayed by more than 60 minutes, as a result of an early or late running bus or a cancellation. Compensation is paid in the form of travel vouchers which can be used for payment (or part payment) towards any Centrebus group journey.  If your journey with us has been disrupted, please submit a report online. When we have investigated your complaint if appropriate we will ask you to complete a simple online form to make a claim.
Our conditions of carriage are the terms of business under which we provide bus and contract services. 
What might you get back?
For completed journeys - the value of the ticket you have purchased from us
For journeys not completed - the value of a standard single ticket for the intended journey, or the value of your ticket if you have already purchased one.

Season tickets - the proportional daily cost of your ticket
No alternate service that day - the value of a journey on an alternate mode, up to 4 times the standard single fare
Overcharging - the amount overcharged
If a third party has met your travel costs, the maximum amount reimbursed to you will be based on the fare paid by the third party to Centrebus. We do not normally accept claims in cases where buses are delayed if customers were notified of the delay before the ticket was purchased.  Section 3 of our conditions of carriage limits our liability such that incidental costs and alternate or subsequent travel costs (except as above) will not be met, and we recommend that you have appropriate travel insurance in place to cover such eventuality.
Details of our season ticket refund policy are in the conditions of carriage.