Service Disruptions Last updated: Monday, 20 March 2023 03:37 PM

Whaley Bridge

Buxton Road, Whaley Bridge

Closed from Monday 16th January to Friday 31st March 2023

To facilitate replacement of Railway Structure, Buxton Road, Whaley Bridge at Railway Bridge between junction with Forge Road and Whaley Bridge Uniting Church will be closed. This will affect the following services:

60 - will operate to a revised timetable and in two halves:

               Macclesfield to Chapel (every 2-hours) – afternoon run extends to Dove Holes for Chapel High School pupils, with most journeys operating via Shallcross.

               Hayfield to Whaley Bridge - will operate hourly as per the current timetable, but all journeys will do a full loop around Stoneheads to turn around. 

Revised 60 Timetable can be found here


61 – will operate as a through service, but the frequency will be reduced to every 90-minutes due to the length of diversion via Chapel. Whaley Bridge will still be served in both directions, but buses will divert via a half loop of Stoneheads (Joddrell Road & Hockerly Lane only). 

Revised 61 Timetable can be found here


190 – will operate a normal timetable, but journeys will terminate at Stonehead (as per the 61 service), but will not serve Shallcross. Shallcross Residents can use the revised 60 service. 

Revised 190 Timetable can be found here


199 – the timetable will remain unchanged, but buses will not serve Cockyard, Tunstead Milton, Horwich End, or the main part of Chapel or Whaley Bridge. 

Buses from Buxton will operate as normal to Market Street, but instead of continuing on Market Street to Cockyard, it will turn right into Hayfield Road at Town End (flower shop), head north on Hayfield Road, right onto A624 then rejoin A6 at Aldi roundabout to rejoin normal line of route at Bridgemont. Buses from Manchester will operate the reverse. 

Chapel En Le Frith - Old Pack Horse (on Market St), Town Hall, Kings Arms, New Inn and Ecclesfold stops will not be served for the duration of the closure & passengers will need to walk down to the Town End stop on Hayfield Road (opposite Fosters Fine Food & Flowers) or Burrfields Road stop for travel towards Manchester, or Town End stop on Hayfield Road East (opposite the back of the Old Pack Horse) for travel to Buxton. 

Chapel High School - In the morning, there will be one trip departing Buxton Market Place at 07:40 and will arrive at Chapel High School for 08:08am, where the bus will turn around in the grounds and return to A6 using Sheffield Road slip. 

Bridgemont - The bus will continue to serve Bridgemont, but will only be able to serve the Crescent Drive stops on the A6. 

Revised 199 Timetable up to 28th January can be found here 

Revised 199 Timetable from 29th January can be found here this includes a revised Sunday timetable. 


Further information....

199 passengers from Whaley Bridge need to get to the A6 to catch it (Crescent Drive, Bridgmont is the closest stop). The 60/A provides 2 buses per hour from Whaley Bridge to this stop (or Newtown if heading north) whilst the 61 also provides a trip every 90-mins.

If heading to Buxton then the 61 provides a 90-min frequency direct bus from Whaley Bridge to avoid changing which may be more suitable for some.

The Council Depot stop is used by 199 towards Buxton (as normal, though this doesn’t appear to be showing right on Google Maps), this will also be served by 61’s heading north to Whaley Bridge & Glossop.

Horwich End passengers need to get to either Chapel Town End (using the 60 or 61) or Buxton Town Centre to connect with the 199.

There will be new timetables and notices at all bus stops in Whaley, Horwich End, Tunstead Milton, Cockyard, and Chapel. The Notices will give you more information about which service will be serving your stop for the duration of the closure, and/or the nearest stop you need to use. If you have a smartphone, you can scan the QR codes on the notices and you will be directed to the High Peak website where you can view all revised timetables, or to Google Maps pin-pointing the stop location. 

Affected Services:

  • ic_bus Skyline 199
  • ic_bus 190
  • ic_bus 60
  • ic_bus 60A
  • ic_bus 61
Monday 16th January to Friday 31st March 2023
Buxton, Market Place

From Tuesday 21st March, work will commence on upgrading Bus Stops D & E (southbound) and lay-by at this location. 

Services affected: 58, 77, 441, 442, TP, 61, 199. 

Services that would normally use these stops are being re directed to Eagle Parade, with temporary bus stops placed outside the Methodist Church and just past the Buxton Volunteer Centre.

Skyline 199 and 61 services operating to Buxton, that normally set down at Bus Stops D and E will have to use the temporary stops on Eagle Parade before proceeding to their own departure stops.

When the works are completed on the Southbound Bus Stops, it will then be the turn of the Northbound stops and layby to be upgraded. We will keep you updated on when the Northbound stops will be closed. 

Affected Services:

  • ic_bus 58
  • ic_bus 77
  • ic_bus 441
  • ic_bus 442
  • ic_bus Transpeak TP3
  • ic_bus 61
  • ic_bus Skyline 199
Tuesday 21st March to Friday 21st April 2023
Copper Street, Macclesfield

Copper Street will be closed between its junction with Black Road and Windmill Street.
Services to/from Macclesfield should operate via Black Road.

Please note: The Cundiff Close stop on Copper Street, will not be served for the duration of the closure. 

Affected Services:

  • ic_bus 58
Monday 27th to Friday 31st March 2023