Lost Property

Leaving things behind

It is an unfortunate truth that all kinds of things get left behind on our buses, ranging from the mundane, such as numerous bus passes and umbrellas, to the more exotic. Many get reunited with their owners, but please remember that leaving something on the bus is like leaving it on the street - our buses are effectively public places, and it is also an unfortunate truth that not everything gets handed in.  The best advice is, before you get off the bus, check that you have all your belongings with you. 

During the working day, drivers will check buses and secure any lost property they find, or that is handed to them.  They will pass it to the depot when they complete their day's work.  At the same time, each bus will be checked and cleaned, and any residual property also collected up.  If you have lost something, it is most likely we will only know if it has been found the following working day.

What to do if you lost something 

You should report it to us as soon as you realise you have left it on the bus.  Please complete the appropriate lost property form from the list below.  This will then be submitted to the depot that operates on your route, and other nearby depots just in case somebody has handed it to someone else.  Each day, our supervisor at each depot will check what has been reported, and what has been found.  When something matches, we will get in touch right away.

To report lost property please click here

Terms and Conditions

Lost property is dealt with in accordance with the Public Service Vehicles (Lost Property) Regulations 1978, as amended by the PSV (Lost Property) (Amendment) Regulations 1981 and the Public Service Vehicles (Lost Property) (Amendment) Regulations 1995 made by the Secretary of State for Transport.

Any person who finds property accidentally left in a vehicle should immediately hand it in the state in which he found it to the driver who shall deal with it in accordance with the regulations stated above. If, before such property has been handed to us or our representative, it is claimed by a person who satisfies the driver that he/she is the owner of the property, it shall be returned to that person without charge, on giving his/her name and address to the driver, who shall report the facts and give the claimant’s name and address and a description of the property to us.

Property left in buses, if found by or handed to the driver, will be taken charge of by the driver and handed to us. Application for its recovery should be made to any office or garage of the Company. Under normal circumstances you will need to collect the lost property from the High Peak depot at which the lost property is being stored. A standard charge of £2 applies for the collection of lost property, to cover our administrative costs. Our representatives are empowered to open packages, bags or other containers to either identify the owner or ascertain the value. Perishable goods will not be kept more than 48 hours from the time when they were found. Any property which is or becomes objectionable will be destroyed or otherwise disposed of.